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Awecomm is a people-focused company that believes we should make a difference, and we should have fun doing it! Since 1999, we have come to work every day because we want to — we believe in what we are doing, and we are excited to work with our customers.

At Awecomm, there is no dividing line between our customers and us. We work as a unified team, focused in the same direction and playing by the same rules. We win together. Losing is not an option.

We refuse to accept the status quo because advancement has never come from accepting the way things are. Innovation comes from challenging technology and business convention and questioning everything.

Together we run faster and jump higher. We are a band of misfits, nerds, developers, artists, and engineers who know that by working together, we are stronger and smarter than we are apart. We use this cohesive focus to create innovative tools and new approaches to seemingly insurmountable challenges.

At the core of it, we are a group of passionate individuals focused on continuously improving what we have to offer and all that we do.


Brent is the master architect behind the whole of Awecomm Technologies. He rarely sleeps and is always working harder to stay on the cutting edge of how technologies and businesses can interoperate most successfully, constantly pushing for new horizons.


Jan is the wrapper keeping in all the good stuff in the sandwich. She keeps the books and staff in line, ensuring all of Awecomm's i's and t's are dotted and crossed.


As a front-end developer, Brian does crazy cool things with web based user experience. He builds intricate website designs with various graphical elements, animations, and other effects.


Chris is our up and coming technology guru- Like a sponge, Chris has been absorbing everything that has been given to him and has not skipped a beat.


Jeremy is the Ninja of the team, he has youth on his side yet is very wise in what he does. He spends his days ensuring technology can flow, uninterrupted, to everywhere it’s needed.


Lindsay The Veteran of the group, she knows Awecomm past and present. Always willing to bend but doesn’t break. She is focused on helping departments get what they need to be better tomorrow.


Megan is always in the zone and deep in her work with pinpoint focus and attention. She is helping to make the world, and the department, better through experiences and coding.


Milan is a BAMF of networking and technology with near-sage status. His IT experience and technical insight contribute to a razor sharp set of advanced technical skills that few can match.


Yang is the powerhouse of IT, breaking down digital barriers and getting things done. No problem is too big or too small for him.

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