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April 27, 2016

What Does it Take to Build a Successful IT Team?

So you’ve decided building an in-house IT department is the way to go. Whether you feel this will give you a competitive advantage in your industry, or you feel it is necessary to accomplish some other

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April 21, 2016

Stage 4 of IT Maturity: Your Business and Your Industry Transformed

If you’ve made it to Stage 4 of IT maturity, the “Business Transformation” stage, congratulations! You’ve come a long way, and are now part of an elite club that not many businesses are able to

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April 13, 2016

Stage 3 of IT Maturity: The Finish Line Is in Sight

Hopefully you did not get stuck in the “trap” of Stage 2 and now find yourself in the third stage of IT maturity, the “Operational Enhancement” phase. If not, stay committed.  Stage 3 is not easy

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April 8, 2016

Shift Your Mindset: Why Focusing Your Business Around IT Has Never Been More Important

Pretty much every year we hear how fast technology advances, and if businesses “don’t act” they’ll get left behind. And then another year passes, and the same things are said again, and then again,

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April 6, 2016

Stage 2 of IT: The Trap

Today we will look at Stage 2 of IT maturity, or the “operational management” stage. As we’ve explained previously, Stage 2 is required for operational success, and while some new IT initiatives

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April 1, 2016

Capitalizing on the Tech Trends in Your Industry

Every year a number of businesses sit down and do their strategic planning. This typically includes a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis, commonly known as SWOT, where you discuss

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March 29, 2016

How Is Technology Change Shaping Your Business and Industry?

You’ve heard about the big technology hitters like Netflix and Uber shaking up their respective industries and disrupting, if not outright destroying, their more traditional competitors. But how can

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March 23, 2016

Marketing Automation 101

  There have been a ton of articles lately about the benefits of marketing automation. But unfortunately most of the articles give little or no practical information on how a company can start to

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March 18, 2016

Stage 1 IT: Get Out as Fast as Possible!

Last week we provided a brief overview of the four stages of IT maturity and why they should matter for your business, regardless of the industry. Today we will take a closer look at Stage 1, which, as

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March 9, 2016

Why Your Journey Through the Four Stages of IT Maturity Will Determine Your Success or Failure

Even if you are not actively innovating with technology or using the latest and greatest applications in your business, you know that technology is vital to the success of any business today. But how can

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