About Awecomm | How We Provide Exceptional IT Services

About Awecomm

Awecomm is a people-focused company that believes we should make a difference, and we should have fun doing it! Since 1999, we have come to work every day because we want to — we believe in what we are doing, and we are excited to work with our clients.


We refuse to accept the status quo because advancement has never come from accepting the way things are. Innovation comes from challenging technology and business convention and questioning everything.


What We Believe

We believe a mission statement and core values are important. They should resonate internally and drive our decisions.

If they do not, it is time to throw them away and start over. At the very core, we know who we are as people, and why we get up in the morning to do what we do everyday.  For us, it is all about our clients and how technology will help drive their business results.

What we found is that we believe in, and care about, small-medium sized companies where we can make a difference. We enjoy learning about and experiencing technology. We love to share our knowledge and help companies innovate and grow. 

Our Mission:
Energize small-medium businesses to reach higher and find a better way.

Our Values:

Being open and honest is not optional.

Be Transparent

We face issues head-on, take more than our fair share of responsibility, and our actions always match our words.

Frankly, life is too short to be a pain in the ass.

Be Helpful

We listen to understand, and as a team really care about the outcome. Our enthusiasm to deliver means we go beyond what is expected.

Being exceptional is a state of mind, not an end result.

Be Exceptional

Our mindset and commitment is all about continuous improvement. We know what we don't know and embrace knowledge and perspective of others to learn and strive to always be better.


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