For anyone that knows me I am a little bit of a health nut. Maybe swaying towards obsessed if you listen to my wife. I’m always weighing foods, counting calories, researching what is in the foods I eat, and a bunch of other tedious things that are tremendously time consuming, and most likely somewhat irritating to my friends and family. The things is, I don’t think I’m alone. Health issues are real, and more and more people are starting to dig a little deeper into what they eat and how they live.

Gadgets to the rescue

For me, and I suspect most people, simplicity and usability usually prevail. Which is why I am falling in love with a new product about I learned about through KickStarter. It’s called SCiO! and it’s basically a molecular sensor that fits in your pocket. Simply put the thing scans pretty much whatever you want, shoots the info up to the cloud to process, then beams the molecular information back to your smart phone. Traditionally you would need to send items to a lab to perform this type of analysis. The folks at Consumer Physics Inc. developed this portable gadget to communicate back and forth with their analysis machines via the web. Pretty cool if you ask me. Of course I know what I will most likely be using the device for, but realistically the applications are almost endless. Off the top of my head (and with a little help from the SCiO! website), here are a few uses I think will gain mass appeal:

  • Determining soil nutrient levels for home gardeners
  • Determining health of plants in your home or garden
  • Determining nutritional information of the foods we eat for health conscious people
  • Verifying that jewelry you’re buying is real
  • Checking ripeness of the fruit you are buying
  • Determining which medication pills are which

Like I said, the list can go on and on, but needless to say it’s a pretty cool technology that definitely has the ability to impact some businesses dramatically. I expect to see it integrated into service offerings quickly after their official launch in October. Overall, well done Consumer Physics, Inc., this technology will be well received!