What is a Digital Leader?

September 13, 2019

What is a Digital Leader?

What is a digital leader?

There is a lot of confusion around digital leadership. From understanding the difference between technology strategies and digital strategies, to understanding the relationship digital leaders have with their business strategy. But one thing is very clear, digital leaders are outperforming their laggard counterparts. Today Awecomm CEO, Brent Yax, will dig into the common misconceptions of a digital leader, as well as explain the primary characteristics of them.

Now that you know what a digital leaders is, time to check out some tips on becoming one.

Brent A. Yax

CEO - Brent is the master architect behind the whole of Awecomm Technologies. He rarely sleeps and is always working harder to stay on the cutting edge of how technologies and businesses can interoperate most successfully, constantly pushing for new horizons.

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