Getting Real About IT: For The Non-Technical CXO’s

October 24, 2019

Getting Real About IT: For The Non-Technical CXO’s

We all know technology is important, very important – but not all business use technology the same. Every industry has a unique approach to putting their best foot forward in regards to their tech approach. But regardless of what you feel is necessary to compete, you need to be real about your approach. Awecomm President and COO, Dave Townsend, digs to the root of the issue and explains some key ideas to help you get focused when building your unique technology strategy.

David Townsend

President and COO - David is a Business and technology leader who drives innovative change, and has an exceptional talent for connecting people, process, and technology to meet the demands of the business. Above all else he is committed to the success of the team, helping Awecomm optimize performance and deliver exceptional results.

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