We’ve all been there; you schedule meeting after meeting, but your mobile users don’t consistently show up! The idea is that mobility helps make people more productive — so why does it seem like they show up less and get less accomplished? The truth is, our standard office technology and products are still a little behind the times for the mobile workforce. It can be difficult for someone to be driving, searching for call information to join a meeting, or to be driving while searching for the address of the meeting’s location. Not only is it unsafe, it uses more hands and screens than we have available. Here are three quick and easy tips to make it easier for mobile users to safely make it to your meetings.

  1. When scheduling a conference call, always include a one-click mobile shortcut for those on the road. The idea is that when the mobile user clicks the link, it takes them to the online meeting room and dials the conference call line, all at once. No more forcing mobile users to pull over, memorize the phone number plus access code, plus clicking the weblink to the shared meeting room. You can get these links from your meeting software when you are setting up the call. If the service you’re using doesn’t offer one-click links, here’s an article that explains how to create them.
  2. Set up a conference call signature by inserting your default conference call information below your normal signature info and save it as CONFERENCE SIG. Anytime you go to set up a meeting, go in and select that signature every time, so that users always have the info handy. If people are on the road, but can easily find the info on how to join your meeting, they will be more likely to attend, increasing the productivity of your team.
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  3. Anytime you set up an appointment, put the full address of the meeting location in the location line. For most mobile carriers, the full address will convert to a link that will pull up their maps app and provide directions to the location, quickly and easily. We’ve all been in a situation where you forgot the address, don’t know where you need to go and are trying to load your email to dig out the location, then to copy it, paste it, etc. Keep your employees running on time by allowing them to access all the info with just one click.

These tips are simple and easy to set up, and there are plenty more things you can do to make things easier on mobile users. Keep in mind, that while the technology is out there, most of our workplaces are not fully utilizing it. Old tech and out-of-date processes add time and extra effort on mobile employees to keep up, but you can help them out by centralizing info and reducing the amount of clicks required for them to get the info they need. Let us know what you currently do to help mobile users — please, tell us in the comments!