Recruiting and keeping the best team is critical for every business to be successful, and in today’s job market it can be a major challenge to stand out. What can a company do to put itself at the top of a candidate’s “dream jobs” list, or to ensure its current employees aren’t looking for opportunities elsewhere? Certainly your company’s culture is a critical factor, but how many companies think of their tech capabilities as a way to attract and retain the best talent? 

Where Would You Rather Work? 

Let’s look at two fictional companies: OKCorp and Milesahead Inc. Carly is a top performer at OKCorp, but she isn’t satisfied with her day-to-day job. OKCorp utilizes older processes where technology is not effectively leveraged, and her results often fall short of her own high expectations. Carly lacks the right tools that she knows her peers at other companies use frequently. She wants more time to dedicate to her valuable projects, but she has lots of manual work to do first that she knows could be automated with better tools. OKCorp’s systems that are in place run slowly and go down often, making Carly’s day-to-day activities even more of a hassle and very frustrating. She feels she is really being held back by lack of new technology capabilities and reliable systems. Finally, OKCorp doesn’t have the systems in place to allow Carly to work remotely when her son is home sick from school, or she just needs to get ahead on a new project. The lack of flexibility is impacting her work-life balance, and further prevents her from achieving the high expectations she demands of her own performance. 

Carly has lunch with Tomas, who works at Milesahead. They used to work together, and she has always appreciated his strong work ethic and commitment to performing his best. Carly explains her frustration and how she feels she is being held back from performing her best. Tomas is surprised at the antiquated technology in place at OKCorp, and paints an awesome picture for Carly of an organization that is committed to the best tools and systems that consistently perform very well. With technology always changing, they are actively looking to leverage new capabilities. He explains how easy it is to collaborate with team members and work remotely at Milesahead. Tomas’s team frequently explores new tools and new ways of getting their work done; many of their manual tasks are automated, or at the very least made very easy with technology. Technology at Milesahead works, and works well, even allowing Tomas to use his personal smartphone, PC, and other smart devices securely from home when needed. The technology meets his high demands and allows him to perform at his very best. Plus, the work-life balance is key for him and his family.   

Tomas finally tells Carly that he knows of an opening at Milesahead that would be a good fit for her with comparable benefits and salary. If you were Carly, a top performer wanting to always deliver and meet the high expectations she sets for herself, what would you do? Accept where you are and settle in to performing at a lower level, or would you polish your résumé that night so Tomas could refer you? Is either option a win for OKCorp? 

Why Technology Should Be Part of Your Recruitment Strategy 

Top talent wants to work with other top performers, and they require tools and systems that meet their high demands. They certainly do not want to be held back by old technology that does not work well; the availability of the right tools for the job are directly related to outcome and performance. If your best and brightest don’t have the tools they need to perform at their best, especially if they’ve approached management about adopting those tools, they won’t be around for long. Seems like organizations have two options — hire the best and provide tools and systems that allow them to excel, or hire average performers who will accept subpar systems, tools and technology capabilities. Which company do you want to be?  

Technology really is more than just a way to give your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace; it plays a significant role in attracting and retaining top talent. With other workplace perks and features being equal, technology is a huge way to stand out to top candidates and make them want to work at your organization — and, perhaps more importantly, why they will stay there long-term giving their absolute best.