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March 17, 2017

Quick Security Tips: Backups

Are you prepared to lose a hard drive? Even for the most tech-savvy among us, there are several ways that data loss can occur: Your machine is lost, stolen or broken; your backups aren’t run frequently

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March 6, 2017

Quick Security Tips: Password Management

How do you keep track of all your passwords? Today people use many different options, from sticky notes to Excel spreadsheets to OneNote lists, but not only are these inconvenient, they are extremely insecure!

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January 18, 2017

The 8 Things You Can’t Afford to Overlook When Scaling Your Business

The most common problem facing any startup as they become a household name is growing pains. As a product or service takes off due to an influx of VC funding, signing a major new client, or a highly publicized

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December 12, 2016

Welcome in Winter with Apps That Keep Productivity Up

If you live in Southeastern Michigan you most likely spent this morning shoveling snow and battling the roads to get into work, or if your office is like ours, you sent an email first thing saying you

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December 8, 2016

Pros and Cons: Microsoft Planner vs. Trello

As you may know, we have been using Trello here at Awecomm for several years, and you may have read our article on using Trello to streamline EOS-style meetings. However, we recently decided to make the

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October 7, 2016

3 Quick Tips for Meetings with Mobile Users

We’ve all been there; you schedule meeting after meeting, but your mobile users don’t consistently show up! The idea is that mobility helps make people more productive — so why does it seem like

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September 12, 2016

Top 5 Features to Improve Productivity in SharePoint 2016

In today’s fast-paced world, time can often slip away from us. Most of us do not realize how much time we spend on things that aren’t helping us work towards our goals, whether they are professional

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August 26, 2016

Supercharge Your CEO/COO Relationship

The right leadership is essential to any successful company today. But leadership isn’t just about a visionary CEO with a plan to change the world; while the CEO sets forth the company’s vision, the

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April 27, 2016

What Does it Take to Build a Successful IT Team?

So you’ve decided building an in-house IT department is the way to go. Whether you feel this will give you a competitive advantage in your industry, or you feel it is necessary to accomplish some other

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March 23, 2016

Marketing Automation 101

  There have been a ton of articles lately about the benefits of marketing automation. But unfortunately most of the articles give little or no practical information on how a company can start to

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