Forrester research recently published their Top 10 Technology Trends to Watch.  If you are not familiar with Forrester, they are a market research firm specifically focused on technology trends and the impact on business.  Forrester and Gartner are leaders in this space, and while Gartner is much larger, when either of them identify trends it is important to pay attention.  Forrester recently identified their top 10 technology trends over the next several years, and while some of the concepts may be a ways down the road, they all have impact on business leaders today.   We thought it would be worthwhile to review the trends, highlight a few areas to focus, and set the stage for a deeper dive into the different trends in upcoming blog articles.   

Categorization of Top Trends 

Each of the identified top trends is categorized into one of three categories and then highlighted as slowly developing, Progressing, or Accelerating.  The three categories include: 

  • Dawning: Very Early stages of enterprise readiness
  • Awareness: Awareness and some acceptance in the enterprise
  • Acceptance: Full acceptance in the enterprise 


The trends that are highlighted include some familiar terms like IoT, public cloud, and artificial intelligence.  Others like Blockchain, you have probably heard of, but may not be quite clear on what it means to your business today.  Over the next several weeks we will review each one of the trends identified, and then more importantly what it means for your business.   

I think you will find the insight valuable, as we will really focus on how we translate the technology trend into business impact and considerations you need to be thinking about today.  Take for example, employee experience.  Forrester identifies this as trend (spoiler alert) #4.  What is the digital experience at your organization and how is it impacting employee engagement or productivity?  What are some things you can be doing today to be ahead of the curve when this trend evolves to the acceptance stage in the enterprise?  Similar thoughts with customer experience, except that is a trend that is accelerating and already reached strong awareness, so are you behind?  What can you be doing to catch-up?   

Stay tuned for the complete analysis and review of the trends – more importantly, the translation for what it might mean for your business.