If you really want to grow your business, you must take steps towards becoming a digital leader. Digital leaders are outperforming the competition and leading their industries by increasing revenue and operational profits.

But what does it really mean to be a digital leader? Before we define that, let’s clear up some common misconceptions and address what a digital leader IS NOT.

A digital leader IS NOT:

  • A company that has digitized everything

Making all of your documents electronic is a nice step, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. Most digital leaders don’t have all documents completely digitized yet anyway.

  • The first to hop on new technology trends

This isn’t necessary to being a digital leader. Sometimes, being on that bleeding edge of new technology can incur new risk to the business.

  • Always putting technology first

A digital leader always puts the business first! Technology is the method used to achieve the business results.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your whole business is digitized. It doesn’t mean you’re always implementing the latest and greatest apps and cloud software. It’s about strategically using technology to achieve business goals and to grow your business.

Here are the actual characteristics of a digital leader:

  • Your Company’s Technology Has a Purpose

The technology you have put in place plays a specific role and has a specific purpose for your business.

  • The Purpose is Strategic

The purpose of your technology is strategic rather than operational. You know that technology will have an impact on specific business initiatives.

  • Your Company Has a Willingness to Commit to the Strategy

You’re willing to commit to that strategic purpose through resources, time, energy and effort.

  • You Measure Your Results

You have a system in place to measure your business results instead of your technical results. These measurements are based on the purpose put in place. A digital leader is innovative, forward thinking, and aware of how technology can drive business results in a rapidly changing environment. Digital leadership is how an organization leverages technology assets and capabilities to achieve business goals.

The constant disruptions industries are facing has made digital leadership critical for business growth. If you want your company to thrive, technology needs to be a big part of your strategy to achieve your vision. Check out this next blog post to begin your journey to becoming a digital leader and boost your business’s growth!

Learn more about digital leadership by watching this short video from our CEO Brent Yax.