Hiring in the midst of a global pandemic poses many challenges for a business working remotely, but it can also provide a unique opportunity for your company to show off your eagerness to strategize and develop better ways to collaborate virtually. Many employees have been laid off or furloughed in the past months because their company simply could not perform business as usual without physically being in the office. This is a great time to show potential candidates your ability to pivot and meet obstacles that arise. Below are ways to utilize technology to help you hire remotely while showing your potential team members how you’ve embraced these challenging times:

1.Video Resumes

Request that applicants submit a video resume instead of a written one to streamline the hiring process and better determine top candidates. Have Candidates answer pre-defined questions you and your team have agreed upon. Hiring managers can review and share with others on the team to determine the top candidates they want to interview live.

2. Soft-Skill Assessments:

Consider using tools that help provide additional insight into the candidate’s personality, areas of strength/weakness, and fit with the team and culture. These can be used as another data point in addition to the interviewing process to assess and determine the absolute best candidate for the role.

3. Collaboration Tools:

Too often we get caught up in what we have always done – phone screens and face-to-face interviews. How about using common tools today, like a video conference or screen share? Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and even Facetime on your iPhone are all great for virtual video calls and enable you to show the potential candidate presentations, your website and those of your competitors, or even a virtual tour of your office.

4. Online Candidate Application and Tracking Systems: 

Consider utilizing online tools such as Bullhorn, Jobvite, or SmartRecruiters to manage your recruiting needs and keep track of applicant information. Online applicant systems are powerful and incorporate some of the assessments, background checks, and applicant monitoring you’ll need to make great hiring decisions.

When difficult times hit, it’s important to be able to show top talent how you have risen to the challenge. By implementing the hiring tools above candidates will see how you have made an effort to embrace this new way of doing business. Even if you’re conducting in person interviews at this time, these tools are great for streamlining the hiring process while getting the most important information you need from the candidate.

Check out this short video on Technology + Recruiting.