What’s a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) is, ideally, a partnership whereby a responsible vendor is brought into a company to help manage a particular activity. This activity helps the company achieve a business goal.  In its best form, a managed service provider becomes an accountable member of the team. This managed service provider ensures that the critical activity for which they are responsible is done consistently at high quality.

The Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

There are many benefits to having a managed service provider when the model is well designed. The proper model approaches the business relationship as a partnership with a mutual alignment of business strategy, tactics, and goals.  Here are some of the unique benefits an MSP relationship can offer a business:

  1. A well-established managed service provider will have a large bench of talent. This talent will have a deep width of knowledge across specific subject matters. They will have the ability to implement solutions that are most likely outside the scope of an individual person.
  2. The right relationship will increase the company’s ability to focus on its core strength/value creation process. When a company has a partnership with a great MSP, it allows the company to focus on that which creates revenue and keeps customers coming back. Less time is spent having to manage an activity that, although essential, may not be unique to their specific value creation engine.
  3. The right managed service provider relationship can enhance the culture of an entire organization. The benefits of this special MSP relationship allows the company to attract and retain the best talent. This feeds directly into the quality of the customer experience.

The right managed service provider will continually add value, especially for their small to mid-sized business clients. This relationship allows those businesses with limited resources to find a better, more efficient way to leverage what they do have, therefore offering their own clients more value. Having the right managed service provider for areas of the business that are essential can be critical to reaching business goals.

Is an MSP Right for You?

Here at Awecomm, we strive to find a better way. This refers to how we operate our company and encourage our team to think. It also pertains to every interaction we have with our valued clients. We are always looking to help identify a better way for our customers to reach their business objectives. We recognize that for most businesses, technology is a lot like electricity – it is essential for business operations and needs to “just work”. When you have great IT support, it works invisibly in the background to ensure technology functions correctly every time. A great IT partner, however, takes this a step further by strengthening the technology capabilities within the company. This enables the technology to become a revenue creator, not a cost center.

If it is critical that you have technology that works for your business, and you recognize it may be time for an IT Partner, we look forward to hearing from you!