How mobile is your workforce? How flexible are your systems to allow employees to effectively collaborate and work from anywhere? For most companies, these are critical components of their success. To gain this mobile collaboration with voice communication, most companies today are upgrading their phone service provider with a new cloud-based VoIP service. Every service provider’s website will come complete with a never-ending list of features for your company to take advantage of, but how do those features and technological advances really benefit your company?

  • Flexibility – By signing up for a monthly payment plan, you skip the binding contract (that was usually several years long) and large upfront hardware/implementation costs from a typical phone system. This means you have a manageable operational expense and the benefit of new features and capabilities without having to manage or pay for upgrades.
  • Mobile Applications – For every mobile application installed by your company, the efficiency multiplies. Mobile applications provided by VoIP service providers allow your employees to make and receive phone calls from their office number on their mobile phone or PC. This creates a whole new platform of communication for your company that goes way beyond hold, redial, speakerphone and mute. Workers can now send text messages and images while maintaining a professional business presence, all while keeping their personal number private. This features stops the common misconception that time out of the office requires a hold on all communication. Whether it’s a business trip or a meeting down the road, customers will be able to contact your employees in and out of the boundaries of your building, portraying your company as flexible and efficient.
  • Conferencing – Many analog phone service providers lacked the capability to have more than two people active on a single call. With a VoIP service, audio conference calling to any number, whether analog or VoIP, is just a click away. This feature creates one-step easy communication between multiple parties without balancing several calls on individual lines. On top of easy access to several clients at once, VoIP service providers allow for video conferencing through the use of the mobile application. Whether within the company or to another outside party with a VoIP service, video conferencing allows for instant face-to-face collaboration without the hassle of travel. In addition, employees out of the office can now join in on those important meetings that they would otherwise be missing. As stated before — time out of the office will no longer be inefficient.
  • Online Dashboard – Your phone system will now have the capability to be managed from your desktop. This user portal allows you access to your voicemail, call logs, and personal settings, all without even having to pick up a physical phone. This portal allows all employees to customize their phone settings to their own personal preferences, including forwarding their calls to another number (or several) to never miss a call. Since VoIP systems use internet and cloud storage, your company no longer has to waste space for wires and equipment.
  • International Calling – For companies with partners or locations overseas, you quickly find your phone bill to be adding up per every individual minute of conversation. VoIP service providers offer an unlimited talk plan for one low price monthly fee, with the option to add an additional low-cost international plan each month. VoIP international plans are much lower in cost than traditional phone systems and also allow for customization within the plan based on where your company calls the most. Since VoIP systems make calls through the internet, you no longer need an expensive international phone plan and can stop expecting a pricey bill each month.

At the end of every business day, it is important to reflect on what is holding you back and what is letting you accelerate your company. Communication is what makes successful businesses flourish. By switching to a VoIP service provider, you are not only gaining access to their listed features, but you are receiving the long-term business benefits that lie underneath those features. You are letting your company accelerate. When choosing to go through with this smooth and simple transition, you are instantly expanding your communication platform for clients and employees. Simultaneously, you are creating that more effective, flexible business you’ve been talking about.