Project Description

At Awecomm, we’re constantly evolving and changing the way we operate to more effectively serve our clients. Streamlining processes and promoting clear communication between our clients and our team members is vital to resolving any obstacles that arise along the path to a more effective IT strategy. Our Subject Matter Expertise (SME) Model, which connects our clients with the expert on our team who can best resolve the question or issues at hand, is a great example of this. This model isn’t just great for our clients, it benefits our team members in quite a few different ways.

Our SME model divides our team members up based on their different areas of focus. This allows our clients to immediately access a resource who can answer their question or solve their issue, instead of being bounced around to different team members before landing on someone who can help. This also allows our team members to focus in on advancing in a specific area – there are no boundaries for how much you can learn in your SME area. We help to support this advancement by offering mentoring, coaching, and training from team leaders.

This model is perfect for someone who is ambitious and looking to learn and grow in the IT industry. You can make your way towards advancement as quickly as you’d like, and we are willing to provide the support in order to get you where you want to be. Our focus on growth here at Awecomm is for two reasons: 1. We want to see more career opportunities open for you, and 2. The more you learn and grow, the greater your capabilities and resources are to serve our clients.

Implementing a SME model is just one of many ways Awecomm strives to promote career growth for our team members, while still keeping the best interests of our clients in mind. Helping you discover your area of interest and encouraging advancement in that area allows new doors to open for you while we benefit from the assets you bring to the team.