Recent technologies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are changing the way in which we interact with services based companies. And although these examples are for B2C services, B2B companies can learn a ton from what is happening. New companies are breaking down the fundamentals of what we as consumers are trying to accomplish, and are putting new streamlined business models and processes in place to satisfy our demands. Although Uber and Airbnb may be familiar, the freshmen class now entering the market is pretty damn exciting.

Take for example Dolly, a new company that is shaking up the moving industry. Currently offered in only Seattle and Chicago, Dolly is giving users the ability to get anything moved at the click of a button. Need to move that old cabinet your grandma gave you 10 years ago, no problem. Dolly allows you to add an item and description, then it calculates a recommended fee, and allows you to submit for the closest person to pop up and take the job. Unfortunately the service is not yet in Detroit, but hopefully it will be soon! Oh, and if you think Dolly is on its own, just check out Wagon, Buddytruk and Bellhops. All are a part of the new wave of moving companies trying to eat away at the 14.5 Billion dollar moving market. If I were U-Haul or a local two-guys-and-a-truck, I might be hurrying to put together a new strategy to either compete or partner with some of these new players.



Another great example is TaskRabbit. The startup aims to be your go-to app for any miscellaneous tasks that you need a little help with. Whether it’s cleaning your house, waiting in line for the most recent gadget, running errands, or even picking off items on your honey-do list, TaskRabbit was built to make life easier by simplifying the process to find people that can help. Again, not yet in Detroit, but there are already 19 locations on the available locations list, and that number is growing.



Regardless of the industry you are in, and regardless if you are B2B or B2C, these companies are leading the way for all of us. Increased exposure to services like these will increase consumer awareness and consumer demand. That demand will translate to every industry through increased expectations that our customers have for our services.

Take a lesson from Kodak, they made the mistake of thinking the customer wanted film for photographs, when in all actuality the customer wanted pictures. Hopefully companies like U-Haul will realize customers do not want a truck to rent, they want something to be in a different location as quickly, cheaply and conveniently as possible. Whatever company can make that happen, will end up being the most successful.