Recruiting the best talent in today’s job market is challenging!  How can you stand out, and what impact can technology have on your ability to effectively recruit?  I think you need every advantage you can get to hire the best people and have them excited about joining your team.

Recruiting 101

If you have been in a leadership role for any length of time, then you know as well as anyone the importance of recruiting the best people.  I think that starts with the job posting content and process itself, but every step of the way a message is sent to the candidate and they are asking the question, “do I want to work here and be a part of this team?”.  So, a couple of quick thoughts on the recruiting process and interview itself:

  1. Make the process easy for the candidate – the online posting should be easy to review and clearly communicate what the company is all about and what will be expected of them as a new team member.
  2. Office environment communicates a message – what is it for your company? Is it up to date? Is there new technology that is being utilized (flat screen TV’s, dual-monitors, laptops, guest Wi-Fi, etc.).
  3. Set the tone early and often – start with the company culture and values to communicate how important that is to you and the company.
  4. Interview objectives – be clear that the goal is to work together to determine a mutual fit so that the candidate knows it is every bit as much about them knowing if it is the right fit for them as it is for the company to know they are the right person to fill the role.


Technology Role in Recruiting

Remember the candidate is taking in every bit of information about your company, the people, and the new role they are considering.  Technology plays a big role in the message you are sending to potential new team members.  This is not just the technology they observe in use during the process, but also the technology used specifically in the interview process.  Here are some recent trends with technology and recruiting that you should consider with your process:


  1. Video Resumes – candidates answer pre-defined questions on a video they record and submit.  Now the hiring managers can review and share with others the top candidates they want to bring-in for a face-to-face interview.  The downside may be getting a candidate in today’s job market to complete the process, but at least you know you are getting those candidates that are most interested (and probably qualified) applying.
  2. Soft-Skill Assessments – As part of the process, consider using tools that help provide additional insights into the candidate’s personality, areas of strength/weakness, and fit with the team and culture. These can be used as another data point in addition to the interviewing process to assess and determine the absolute best candidate for the role.
  3. Collaboration Tools – too often we get caught in what we have always done – phone screen and face-to-face interview. How about using common tools today, like a video conference or screen share? It is easy to set-up a Skype video interview or even a Facetime on your iPhone (Google Hang-outs is okay too).  Just be clear with the candidate that the interview is a video interview so that they are prepared.

Utilizing even one of these tech tools in your recruiting process can help your company stand out. In a competitive market every advantage can help you to lock down the best candidates for your business.  Let us know in the comments if you use any of these tools and what your thoughts are about recruiting and technology.