Increase Productivity And The Size Of Your View With Slide N’ Joy

Obviously we love technology. We live it and breathe it. But sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for if the new technology is actually in demand or if it’s just for show. This is one of the main reasons we love to browse Kickstarter campaigns. Kickstarter is an awesome platform that allows business owners and individuals to crowdsource funding for new ideas, inventions and causes. Some examples of campaigns include app powered coffee makers, 3D printing pens, and electric bicycles. The best part though, is what you can learn from projects that are being funded. If you analyze the patterns you can identify where new opportunities exist for some cool technology. One of these cool ideas is Slide N’ Joy.

The Next Great Idea

Slide N’Joy is a device that consists of a flat panel with one or two slide out screens that attaches to the back of your laptop courtesy of magnets – don’t worry, it’s safe; they’re adhesive. Then, either one or two additional panels slide out to the side of your laptop screen from the panel that attaches to the back. Cool, right? The screens swivel a total of 180 degrees which makes Slide N’ Joy an excellent tool for sales presentations or in the case of the two screen mode, a great way to share content in a meeting.

Photo by Slide N’ Joy

But here is what we really like. Slide N’ Joy gives you more usable pixels on your laptops, meaning you can cast out productivity boosts to your remote, laptop wielding workforce. And yes, you read that right, it’s not necessarily the number of monitors you have, it’s the amount of pixel real-estate available that gives you a productivity boost. In a laptop you are usually limited in the available screen sizes, so adding the extra panels gives you the ability to reap the rewards. The flexibility, and portability of the Slide N’ Joy screens is definitely something we find to be valuable, and from the funding their campaign has generated, it’s obvious this idea is one to stay. Expect to see the large OEM’s rip this idea off soon.
Kudos to you Slide N’ Joy!