We have been hearing a lot about iOS 12.  Things like “this update is no big deal” and “not a lot has changed” but we think there are some cool features. 

Released September 17, 2018 and focusing on performance the update makes apple products up to 40% faster and offers various quality improvements. 

Two cool new features we LOVE: 

  • CarPlay can leverage Google Maps and Waze.  This is a vast improvement from having to use Apple maps to navigate your every day travel.  Waze is an app that is compatible with Apple and Android and now CarPlay.  Check it out – it will save you time and make your daily commute much more enjoyable. 
  • iOS 12 allows third party integration of password managers to apps on your apple devices.  If you are taking your personal security seriously and are using a password manager like dashlane or LastPass then you can now use them with apps on your phone.  This is a huge time save and adds additional security in a world filled with cyber threats. 

Here some other basic updates people are talking about: 

  • Parental Controls 
  • You can now set app time limits 
  • Ability to block off chunks of downtime for kids – Dinner time, homework time, bed time
  • Icon appears on kid’s phone showing they can’t use it when this function is engaged 
  • You can allow some apps during this time – Ex) bedtime meditation 
  • Parents can track daily usage habits of kids utilizing activity reports 
  • Screen time limits 
  • You must both be on iOS 12 
  • Set up family sharing 
  • Parents can lock using a four-digit code.  Kids must request additional screen time. 
  • Content and Privacy Restrictions 
  • You can control everything you could before:  music, TV shows, apps, movies, web, games.  In iOS 12 these settings are found in “screen time” 
  • ArKit 2.0  
  • Users can measure 3D real life objects using camera function – This is an interesting feature but not 100% accurate yet. 
  • Music App – Users can now find songs by lyrics or all the words stuck in your head! 
  • Memoji – Users can now personalize an emoji to look like them. 
  • Siri – Our friend can now have an Irish or South African accent in addition to American, Australian and British options. 

Watch our video and leave a comment with your favorite feature of iOS12!