In today’s fast-paced world, time can often slip away from us. Most of us do not realize how much time we spend on things that aren’t helping us work towards our goals, whether they are professional or personal. Microsoft has released SharePoint 2016, with new features that can help you be more productive at work. Some of the features require an Office365 subscription, but some do not.

Large File Support Makes Life Easier

In SharePoint 2016, you can now upload or download files larger than 2G. Thank you! It never made sense to leave the app you’re using to deal with larger files than it can handle. In this day and age, it’s common for files to be over 2G, and we’re going to consider this feature a “win.” Office365 is not required.


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Image and Video Previews Save Time

We all know that one person in the office who has a habit of naming files in ways that defy all logic. SharePoint now allows you to preview image and video files without having to open and wait for them to load. Being able to preview files will save you time when you’re hunting for that one thing you need, or when you’re renaming all the files done by Mr./Ms. Illogical File Naming. Office365 is not required for this feature.


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Improved Mobile Experience Keeps You Connected on the Go

The mobile experience Microsoft has created for their suite of products is excellent. With one login, you can easily access anything you need, including SharePoint. Using the touch navigation, you can click links, open files, edit docs, and more, from your mobile device. You can also easily switch from mobile to PC view, to see things as you would on your desktop. The seamless transition from the PC to mobile version, makes it a much more pleasant experience than the previous version. Office365 may be required to access all features.


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Improved File Sharing Makes It Easy for Multiple Editors

Sharing files and having multiple people editing the files can be a huge pain. Microsoft has made improvements in how we can share things on SharePoint for 2016. Users can now easily create and share folders, see who a folder is shared with, and be able to view the new Recently Shared Items screen. To see Recently Shared Items, you will need to activate the RSI cache, but once you do, all documents that have recently been shared with you will be available on that one screen — no more hunting for that chart your boss sent you last week! Office365 is not required to use these features.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Are Always Helpful

Microsoft has released an updated set of keyboard shortcuts for 2016. Take a look, learn a few that you use frequently, and try to learn a few new ones each week. You may be surprised as to how much time they will actually save you.





Microsoft SharePoint 2016 can be an extremely valuable tool for your productivity and can streamline your business processes to more easily get everyone on the same page. Educating yourself and others on the available features and functions will make it that much more helpful. Whether it’s the version management, improved collaboration tools or access to all of your documents anywhere, anytime, SharePoint has something for every business.