Did you know your IT Partner can assist with training your employees on new technology tools?  Or better yet, helping you connect the tools to your processes.  Many business owners are not aware that a great IT partner is not only willing to help train your employees but sees the benefits in having your team well versed in the latest technology tools.  A true IT Partner is knowledgeable about industry trends and can even make suggestions on what tools are the best fit for your business.

Best practice is to survey your employees to see what tools they are using, if there are any specific tools they are having problems with and any training they feel would benefit their teams.  Once you have a general idea of what training you and your employees feel would be beneficial the next step is to consult your technology partner.  Your technology partner will take into consideration your ideas and add their own on topics or tools that employees should be trained on.  A major benefit to working with an outside technology partner is that they have other partners they work with and will be able to apply industry trends and suggest tools that others in your business arena are already using.  They also understand how others in your industry are leveraging different tools.

There are various different ways training can be conducted.

  1. Onsite training – Here at Awecomm we often invite our partners in for onsite training on our Executive Learning Facility.  Not only do we enjoy hosting our clients but it is a nice opportunity for your team to network and get out of the office for a small amount of time.
  2. Collaboration tools – Your technology partner may also recommend utilizing collaboration tools to conduct training.  This is a good way for employees to both practice various tools and get training without coming onsite if you prefer.
  3. Online training – Another way training can be conducted is online using tools like LinkedIn Learning or Udemy.

We are seeing a trend in training on various collaboration tools.  Businesses are finding there are a lot of efficiencies to be had when employees are properly utilizing collaboration tools.   The key is to provide them to your employees but also train them to use them appropriately.  If properly used, collaboration tools allow teams to reduce in person meetings, allow for secure file sharing and everyone’s favorite – REDUCE the amount of emails sent.  That alone should make any business want to train their employees on collaboration tools.

We are hoping this video offered a bit of insight into some basic training your technology partner can provide.