Hopefully you have heard of a little service called UBER. It’s a personal transportation company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and with an estimated value between $40 – $50 Billion, it tends to make some news here and there.  Up to this point, UBER has primarily targeted individuals.  The app was built so you could easily request a ride from point A to point B, and you would pay via your credit card on file.  But recently things have been changing.  Some new features give us a hint at where UBER is going next and a new app hitting the market is going to help them get there.

USER is already looking at business transportation

Recently UBER pushed out the ability to create and manage business profiles along with your personal UBER profile.  The profiles allow for separate billing and reporting of trips, which is very convenient when making expense reports!  You can even add a work email to your profile, to get work related receipts sent directly to your business email account. Although this is very convenient and helpful, there is a new app out in the market that makes this even more business friendly.

Meet Teleport, the app that may just help UBER along

Teleport, is the awesome new app that lets you pay for other people’s rides! I, for one, am extremely excited about this app.  The current method of sending an UBER to pick someone else up is a pain in the a#%. This app makes the entire process very easy.  You simply select the friend, colleague, or customer you want to pick up, the app sends them a request, and when they accept a pin drops letting UBER know where to go.  From there, they take UBER wherever they want to go, and you get the bill. For businesses, this means you can easily send a car to pick someone up at the airport, or have a car waiting at the hotel they are staying in, to escort them wherever they would like to go.


Whether you are using UBER and Teleport for business or pleasure, we think you’ll really like them together. We expect to see these types of add-on applications continue, as well as UBER continue to push towards business transportation. And if that happens, keep an eye on Teleport, it could just get swallowed up by the juggernaut that is UBER.