Sooooo many people I know have password problems these days.  Most of us use different versions of the same password for every login on the internet – and who can blame us? Remembering different, complicated passwords is nearly impossible and writing them down is nearly as dangerous.  The other common method of password management is to compile all passwords into an excel document.  Also, not the most secure option.  Weak password management is very appealing to hackers and none of us have time to deal withthose guys.    

Which brings me to a very important question…

How do I manage my passwords in a functional easy way and protect my data? 

The solution is easy – use a password management tool!  This is an easy fix that increases your security against a very common problem.  Below are two options for password management tools we have used. – This app has a free version or for a small fee per month an option for families, teams or individuals.  The website quotes $4 per month as the most expensive option.  This is a small price to pay for password security.  It also lets you sync between multiple users or devices which is a great feature. – This like lastpass is also a great option for a password management tool.  It is slightly more expensive, but some people find it easier to use.   

Both options offer the following: 

  • Free version 
  • Password Generation 
  • Unlimited Stored Logins 
  • Mobile App 
  • 2-Factor Authentication 
  • Other features 

Check out our video on YouTube for more information and tips on password management –>