Are you still running your email in-house?  Today we are taking a new approach to content.  In this weeks video post we’re talking through some of the main advantages to ditching the in-house server and taking a serious look at the benefits of cloud based email systems.

Historically companies would bring systems in-house as their internal IT matured.  This would give them a ton of control and flexibility in how they configured email systems.  Today, it is a much different story.  people have been flocking to cloud based solutions like Google and MS Office 365.  We’d even argue that the pace of this transition should increase, as keeping systems in-house can be much more costly than companies anticipate.

In this post we’ll look at a couple specifics to illustrate the point.

1.) Cost.  Is it really cheaper to have email in-house?

2.) Security.  Is your tech team up for the challenge of keeping your business secure?

All considered we think there is a pretty good case for making the move.  Let us know what you think!